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Bounce is a tight-knit group of motion graphics and audio professionals with over 50 years collective experience creating high-quality broadcast and digital content for a wide range of clients and platforms.

So what makes us different? Well, there’s no-one in the middle; you communicate directly with the professionals who help create and shape your project to ensure a crystal clear understanding of the brief. And we operate on a fixed daily or hourly rate that covers everything, so no more spurious ‘extras’ on your invoice.

Scroll down to find out more about who we are, some samples of our work and how to get in touch.

What can Bounce do for you?

Bounce specialises in creating motion graphics and sound in the following areas…

TV / Cinema commercials               Online digital content               Corporate videos

Pitches               Case studies               Global to local TV adapts

  Educational videos               Sponsorship stings               Social Media graphics

Internal company videos               Video shoots               Animation

Instore / Point-Of-Sale videos               Digital display commercials

Radio commercials               Video-on-demand               Logos               Copy clearance

IVR               ISDN               Station delivery               Voice-over casting               Music searches

From concept to transmission, we can help you with every aspect and process that your project needs. Creating content is only half of what we do because we firmly believe that 50% of our business is providing excellent client-service, communication and advice. If you need a quote or would just like some friendly advice, feel free to give us a call!

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Some Examples Of Our Work

Digital / Social

Whatever the project, whatever the format, whatever the platform, we’ll help you create content that looks and sounds great!


We create commercials and stings for TV, cinema and radio. Whether you’re simply adapting a global commercial for the local market or creating something from scratch, you can rely on us to make it happen.


We create high-end corporates for a wide range of businesses and services. Visuals, voice-overs, music…. we take care of the lot for you.

TV Adapts

We can localise existing adverts, to suit whatever market you require. Graphics, voiceovers you name it we can change it.

Explainer Videos  

Do your clients need to show their customers how their product works?

We’ll help you create a video you’ll be proud of to explain exactly how.

Sound Design

Sound plays a huge role in the viewers experience, whether it’s a commercial, a corporate or online content. We have extensive experience in recording and creating beautiful sound for virtually everything.

3D Digital Rostrum

You don’t need a huge budget to create something good. Click above to see exactly what we can do with your static 2D images and how it’s done.

Some of our clients

John Williams

Head Bouncer

Since 1996, having worked with Ireland’s leading advertisers and digital agencies, John has learnt all there is to know about Post Production bringing care and attention to detail to all jobs.

James Daly

Head Bouncer

James Daly has worked on a wide array of post-production projects for over 20 years. While he has a sinfully irreverent sense of humour, he still maintains that he’s only as good as his last gig.

Contact Us

John Williams

Phone: +353 (0)86 600 9388

Email: john@bouncesound.com

James Daly

Phone: +353 (0)87 761 7250

Email: james@bouncesound.com

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Bounce Sound, 21 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.