The Facilities

The Bounce studios are located on a beautiful Georgian street in the heart of Dublin city, with many cafes, restaurants, canal walks and pubs nearby for post-recording refreshments!

The main studio is spacious, comfortable and filled with natural light. Overall, the facility has a very tasteful and homely feel to it. But it’s still armed to the teeth with ProTools, Genelec monitors, ISDN, Source Connect and thousands of SFX for you to play with. The recording booth itself can comfortably accommodate four actors simultaneously, all with individual Neumann U87 microphones.

Lunch can also be arranged by request for those longer sessions. Or hostage situations.

We also have a second smaller studio which we casually call our A+E Department. It mainly caters for those last-minute emergencies on retail commercials when the client decides to SLASH baby-carrots by one cent. This means recording availabilty is very rarely an issue, no matter how tight the turnaround is.

You’ll always receive a very warm and genuine reception with our team and quickly realise that you’re comfortable and safe in the hands of seasoned professionals. And anyone is welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat by prior arrangement, just give us a call any time and we’d be delighted to have you in.

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